Wednesday, February 05, 2014


It's funny how long it takes sometimes for me to figure out what a given sheet of paper is supposed to become. I think I made this one a long time ago at the Morgan in the big hanji vat, but it was a dye catcher sometime when I was in New York doing massive pomegranate dye tests, and then was coated in kon'nyaku. It was a fairly faithful wrapper for other papers until it finally served as a base for this piece. I let my second apprentice take a snow day today and I did, too, so I that I could head to the exhibit and make sure that my videos would play on a loop on the big flat screen TV (they do!) and to re-hang a few pieces that were problematic in terms of audience flow. So I removed two pieces from the show, which is fine, except for the dance of re-mapping and price listing. But I think everything is in place, and Charles was there to help with a very handy ladder. He had incredible stories about growing up in the projects, working in the steel mills for almost as long as I've been alive, and Vietnam. I get so caught up in my own very distracting drama that I forget how much we have to learn from each other, so I'm grateful for this snow day.

Much better than the frightening ice in Slovenia.

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  1. i love how that paper got used and used and now is used…differently. yay for the exhibition!


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