Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A brief warm respite

 Walked the river with Beck on my last evening in San Antonio.
Chuck and I had to wait a bit to order at the Luxury because all the table markers were gone. We finally got this one!
The lovely Reina with a washer at the Trinity studio that Jon set up. He is remarkably good at doing these things.
In his home, closet, office, studio, magnet strips everywhere for tools!
Half stuff waiting to be made into paper.
So many lovely presses. A darkroom behind, as well as a lighted spray out unit for screens, and a litho station. He built all the drying racks above as well.
Jon makes all of his own tools, and TONS of them. And his students get to, as well! How lucky are they?
Burnishers of bone, and some with bamboo handles attached to Jim Croft bone folders.
I got a tour of the art facilities, which were lovely (plus, they get to have things like kilns outdoors and make use of big glass garage doors because their climate allows it). This was a piece in a window. I got home late, did not sleep enough, and need to get to work for critique but all in all, it was a great trip to Texas.

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