Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Welcome messes

Yesterday was wonderful because I had finally slept a decent amount AND I cooked up onion skins for some "please let me stay sane" activity to simmer alongside the computer work.
Hanji necklaces, part of the whole host of gifts I am taking with me for my many generous and kind hosts. I am staying in about seven different beds / sofas / floors during the course of my six-city tour (though San Francisco is a seventh: no events, just seeing lots of friends and pretending to relax).
Before ironing, in too bright of a light to see anything interesting, but a satisfying new teaching sample. I started to build my boxes for my solo show* coming in Portland but I got tired and am examining the results of today's dye pot (very different, because it was onion until I threw in an old sheet of cochineal-dyed hanji so the whole thing got thrown in another direction). There is a lot brewing, for the coming fall and summer 2014, but for now I have to stay grounded and finish these boxes!

*The show is called On Foot. It makes me laugh and then it makes me sad I haven't finished weaving a paper shoe that I started last year.


Velma Bolyard said...

an unfinished shoe would be a super statement in the show. love the gold.

ronnie said...

I love the necklaces - how sweet they look

Anonymous said...

onion skins are so satisfying, the results are always good, it's great to top dye and it's free. what more can you ask for? I vote for the half finished shoe, think people need to see the process and hopefully appreciate the time and work involved. when you show something finished that is all most folks see.