Sunday, February 24, 2013

The first hanji weekend of 2013

This is my favorite from Terttu's photos of my talk on Friday night. So many friends and new acquaintances and paper people all in one frame.
Crocheting hanji by Cecile, one of my calm and quiet like an expansive ocean students. She teaches art in public NYC schools, so that is no surprise.
Jeni is thigh spinning some hanji and later insisted on tacking a paper bead. BIG credit to her for taking the plunge!
Ronni's woven hanji cover in progress. She came to class less than 12 hours after returning from Puerto Rico. Amazing, considering how tired I am after a good vacation.
Melissa also thigh spinning. She is a furniture restorer and we had a good talk about lacquer.
Amanda's vessel pre-finish. She said it felt like weaving a spider in the process.
Then she bound it off and trimmed it all! Sweet. I learned sooooo much in this workshop, which reminded me of why I love teaching. I was also reminded of how much fuel I need, when I kept eating and eating and eating afterwards. This was a fantastic kick off of my book tour!


  1. positive energy comes through in the photos! that little vessel might feel spiderish, but it's clothing is decidedly bumble bee.

  2. --the energy is enormous, no wonder you need refueling! wish I could have been there.


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