Sunday, February 10, 2013


Test #1: before filling in the blanks one by one while listening to radio interviews with movie stars. Finger woven while warped around a board.
Test #2: finger woven with a free warp, one end just taped down, while watching TV dramas. Both done with fingers only, no needles, no tools, just tape and board. If all goes well, both will get cranked through the press tomorrow.

The snow makes everything blinding white! I've been attempting to work through the weekend because I didn't reach enough goals during the week. Can't say I've made much headway, but I insist now on a walk into the whiteness.


  1. onesmallstitch2:33 PM

    hope you are having fun with the weaving experiments, can't wait to see them after they go through the press. enjoy your walk.

  2. I'm trying to picture how you weave these with your fingers AND watch the tv too..... I'm getting all in a tangle thinking about it!

  3. nifty, i can't wait to see what happens in the press!


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