Thursday, February 28, 2013

Last islands of melt

Not my finest moment in pdf to jpg conversion, but it's the one flyer that has the exact site of my talk in Berkeley next Wed. If you can't see it, it says the talk is on March 6 at 4pm in the IEAS Conference Room at 2223 Fulton Street on the 6th floor at UC Berkeley. I'm past one hump of packing, organizing, and shipping (17 pieces went west today). There's still a lot more to do, but I took a break only to find that my book at Codex was included in an artist's review. Thank you, Cari! It has already been purchased, which is kind of sad because I liked holding it and pretending it was a pillow.

I keep seeing the same girl outside the window jumping on top of one last low patch of snow. She loves getting up there and stomping on it. The rest of the ground around her is asphalt and halfway-green grass. I wish she (and all of us) could get some real snow, some real winter, but I'll have to be content with the dirty patch out there for this year.

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  1. that girl, she'll live in the country someday--


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