Friday, June 20, 2008

Trying to get it all together

[That would be how NOT to waterproof your shoes.]

My Last Day In America:

Wake up in a panic, sick to my stomach.
Half-ass qigong, jacks, pranayama and meditation.
Mail two packages.
Rush into town to get gifts for children; panic at dept store b/c I don't know anything about children.
Realize at ATM that I already emptied my wallet of all US plastic, including my debit card.
Fight w/manager at CVS to get marked price on last-minute things for myself (while stoked about finding my favorite nail files after several years of going w/o them).
Find much better gifts at bookstore for children (and MUCH lighter).
Meet sister for thai lunch and frozen yogurt.
Nap on train home.
Talk to Ching-In.
Back up computer.
Jump into shower. ***
Finish packing.
Ride to JFK.
Airport/int'l flying antics courtesy of TSA.
Sit on plane for 15 hours, after taking melatonin.

*** This is where I actually am in the list.

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  1. I love the shower blogging! Best of luck on the flight--I hope you can get some sleep while crossing through the time zones. Talk to you on the other side!



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