Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Jet lag is funny

I keep thinking that I'm fine but yesterday I was all sleepy at 5pm and today I got up at 5am. But I'm still functioning. Classes start today and I have to get there early b/c I skipped buying textbooks yesterday; I just didn't want to carry them home. I'm going to try to open a bank account after classes, and then see if I want to stay in Seoul for the afternoon or just head home. Tomorrow, I meet w/a woman who runs a Korean paper business (as in, selling handmade paper to people like Western conservators)! That will be nice, esp since she is fluent in English.

I will miss being able to wake up at 5am; it's so nice and quiet and I can get so much done, like pack snacks for class and prepare and eat huge breakfasts. I tried yesterday to get online wirelessly at home w/my mac, but it's not happening here. If I'm really motivated, I'll take it to school and get online there, but I think realistically, I'll take it once to upload my bookmarks to, and then from there just figure out how to use my flash drive on the Korean computers. Then I can finally give you eye candy from Korea. They even have dedicated cell phone chargers at school where you can charge your phone for free! It only takes 20 min. I just have to get a phone first...

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polarchip said...

Tell me about the sweet phones they have over there in Korea!

Loving Korea vicariously.