Sunday, June 29, 2008

The supermarket remainder

Cleaning supplies (we got new gloves b/c I am a wuss and my hands dry out so quickly from dishwashing barehanded).


I don't even know what this is, just a row of products, one of maaaany.

And the infamous plastic food displays. The visual aids especially help if you can't read Korean.


  1. I love how the woman looking at the onions looks like she is really concentrating. Hmm. Which onion is best?

    Plastic food displays are the best. When I was in Japan I got the strangest meal of all white food because it was the only one that looked vegetarian.

  2. Korean food! Swoon!

    I'm so impressed by how you've been keeping up with your blog. I also can't wash dishes without gloves, partially because I like to use super hot water.

    I remember the plastic trash bags--such an amazing intervention. The garbage won't even take your trash unless it's in the proper bag for your neighborhood. Awesome.

    Good luck on your Korean class. I'm so excited that you're taking this on.

  3. Korea looks like such a wonderland of colorful plenty!


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