Thursday, July 16, 2020

Virtual opening tonight

Drywall is in! There is one more window that needs to be cut out of it but this is the main studio area.
This is what the roofing insulation looks like, only interesting to me because it looked like I was reading French up there.
The teapot might be a total bust but I have only been able to snatch moments at night here and there to try and massage it towards better.
The whole time I've lived here, I had no idea that I actually had daylilies!! Because 1. I don't look at this side of the house often and 2. the deer always eat all of the flowers before I even know that this is a plant that flowers. I happened to notice this on an evening walk this week and yelled and ran towards it.
This is not my garden but it's my neighborhood and this is definitely one family that eats all my plants. They are kind of cruel in that this year they ate all the daylilies but that one, and all the hostas but one. Taunting me!
Though I got a tree identification book, I am still no good at figuring out what is what. In my neighborhood on a tree lawn, and I have no idea. People tell me to get an app and that is not what I want. I want a nature walk with someone who knows all the names and then I want to learn the names so that I don't stay one of the majority of Americans, according to Dr. Kimmerer, who only knows six types of trees including "christmas trees." When I am back from adventure I may call the city to see if the arborist has a map of what is what, but more likely they'll think I'm the crazy lady who lives down the street who calls for really weird reasons.
Another inherited plant on the border that I love! But I don't know the name, please help! Tonight I'll be on the zoom virtual opening of a local textile show, starts at 6:30pm, and you can register here.


Janet said...

Looks like it might be Coreopsis Zagreb.

aimee said...

ooh, thank you! if that's true, i'll be over the moon.