Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Entering middle age

I've been slowly working on a project since late last year with a colleague to exhibit papermakers of color and am slowly making this idea public, to hold my feet to the fire. It will be a massive investment of all that I have, over at least four years, layered on top of what is already ongoing and delayed (my toolmaker book, more jiseung manuals, a studio to open, shows upcoming, research in Korea, and I don't even want to think about what else). I hope I have the fortitude to manage it.

In the meantime, a friend shared this excellent article about anti-Asian racism in the US and ties it to the Hmong officer who let his partner murder George Floyd. I was deeply distressed but moved by Disclosure, a necessary look at how horribly and unfairly trans people have been portrayed in media from the beginning of media. I've donated art to a fundraiser by a new Korean American Artist Collective, in support of Black Lives Matter—the auction will run Fri July 10, 9am PDT to Sun July 12, 6pm PDT.

Of course, my computer is whining that I'll need an upgrade soon, with new systems for tracking my art and catching up to many years of tech changes. Every day I feel totally overwhelmed by what is ahead and make almost no progress. But I also think, if not me, then who? I was supposed to be super focused on my own career and success but missed the window for a certain type of arrival, so now it's time to work on raising all the boats, even if it means I can't run as fast as I used to. I did finally start a new piece last night, so at least I can turn away from

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