Sunday, July 19, 2020

A new place to ground

After being worried that my car would explode (mostly, that the tires would blow) as I drove to 100-degree weather, I arrived this afternoon to Oak Spring! I wish girls were taught more about cars from a young age so that I would not spend so much time worrying about things my car can and cannot do. I just make it all up, nothing is grounded in what cars really are.
The pictures mostly are blurry because I was so hot and tired and excited. This is the start of a trail that I see from the front door of the house.
This is both exciting and terrifying...the last time I had access to a bicycle at a residency, I fell off of it and messed up my foot. Yes, I'm not good at cycling, so it happened in a parking lot and I really didn't need to be cycling because the distance was not far (but it was hot in Santa Fe and I hate being outside when it's hot).
My welcome bouquet from the gardens!
And so that I wouldn't have to go food shopping immediately after the long drive (I'll have to quarantine for 2 weeks), they stocked me with food enough to get through tomorrow's breakfast. I almost cried having this dinner because it was all made HERE, with things that grow here (zucchini baba ghanoush and hibiscus tea).
Now I get why rich fancy people have so many plates. It protects the surfaces they're on. I think...whatever the answer is, the accommodations are extremely comfortable and because of the pandemic, I don't have to share as normally we would on this program.
The shared studios are downstairs but instead of one or the other side, I could use both. I already know which door sticks but have to see how the light works during the day first before I choose.
The studio on the other side, and I have no idea what that top space looks like but the grassy ramp going into it is fabulous.
After I showered and ate and settled in a little, I took a sunset walk just to sweat all over again but it was worth it. I am so grateful to get this month away, here.

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