Thursday, February 01, 2018

Already, again

On the way to a dinner with a colleague in Oberlin, I walked past the house I lived in during my final year of college.
I saw this painting by Nancy at FAVA as well, along with all of her other crow artwork.
The Annie Dillard book I grabbed out of the stacks to read to my students one day. I love being able to teach a book making class in a library.
This is one of the very many perks of that: viewings of treasures in Special Collections! We invited Claudio's woodblock printing class to come see the goodies.
Renée was very busy preparing her elaborate choose your own adventure book. I watched her for days cut tiny bits of handmade paper. At night, she'd write the story and figure out how to get it down on paper.
You have to handle it to see how complex it is but here is one side (there's another whole half of the book on the other side. It's in four sections, and there are all kinds of adventures hidden inside each quarter).

I can't believe it's February already, but I feel like that EVERY start of each month! I am only days away from my next big island(s) adventure but diving into other major projects. Time to get back to weaving a duck that needs to quack.

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