Saturday, February 10, 2018

One step closer

They say I'm in paradise and/or a kind of heaven. It's marvelous and wonderful and I am so grateful to be here. Finally made it to the beach/ocean this morning for a long walk. I can see it from my room but it took three days to find my way there.
Mostly because of teaching! This was my afternoon class yesterday, all lovely students (and some familiar/connected faces).
These were my morning students, and I had two kapa makers in the front row (one is on the left of this pic) who shared a lot of good wisdom as well.
My fancy hotel room view is stunning. The windows open right up! Have been delighting in lots of food, enjoying the company of friends and colleagues, and still jet lagged (but it's not the hard kind: waking up early means I can do things like take a pre-dawn dip in the pool). My actual vacation now begins!

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