Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Transition: paper to book

Marbling is always a huge hit. Last week, my students spent a day and a half doing this.
Plus paste papers and suminagashi. I mixed the methylcellulose a little too thin, so there are a lot of drippy looking cover papers out there.
Once they realized they could wrap wire armatures, a couple got busy making pieces for a mobile, and then....
earrings! One student who makes them from bike parts started to make these and then spent three days making more.
Here she is, with her new eggplant earrings made from a mix of cotton and abaca papers. Alizah is our one senior, and brings great energy to the class. Always helpful and present, enthusiastic and creative.
This morning we did the final load into the Gladiator (the van) before they walked over to the library with their combined stashes of paper. We started making books today and I already see them waking up more. I realize that kids these days like to SIT and aren't as physically fit to be at the vat all day. I also think there are more born book folks than papermakers (and understandably, it can be hard to get wet when the temperatures are in single digits outside).

Some more dates are set for my 2018, which include a workshop in Tasmania, for anyone interested!

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