Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Slow going

Two weeks and finally got approval to get a table big enough to fit my hanji vat. Inching towards some progress! Here is some milkweed in the back garden of people who have become my fairy godparents here.
I got my Tasmanian oak dowel beating sticks adjusted so that there's a flat edge, which gives me two corners to help expedite beating.
Playing with knots while stuck. Not so much stuck as a bit overwhelmed by all the things I have to do versus what I want to do.
The cover is the only one done with pencil and ink. The rest are from a past session of onion skin fun. Thread is gold from Japan via Australia.

I kept thinking it had to be earth shattering but all that was necessary was to DO SOMETHING. Another long awaited book is bound, another waiting to be bound. A dress got started last night. A worm's progress is still progress. Meanwhile, LOVING Joanne's new work!!!

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