Friday, September 08, 2017

First Friday

Slowly starting to move around: I spent an hour beating fiber this morning before the sculpture class started. I have to time my beats and do it in places that cause the least amount of noise. It travels pretty well in this building, so I think I'll have to be noisy in the mornings before classes start or in the evenings.
Even though I don't have tables yet for the big vat, I could definitely get started with smaller papermaking. I already mixed up some formation aid and the hose is working well. All of this feels like a luxury.
I took some pictures of my show, so you can see it here if you can't make it (and I imagine most people can't). After all that beating, I need a snack so I may go for a walk and get a better sense of campus. My housemate gave me a very lovely gift yesterday of woven shina, from the area of Japan where she lives (Yamagata prefecture). We watched a video of the linden tree being felled and the bark processed into thread and woven into cloth; so many similarities to preparing the paper mulberry bark for papermaking! This is a nice explanation in English, and of course Habu carries some yarn (as well as the bark).

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