Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Back in Michigan

Getting ready to go gets harder each time.
Once I settle in at home, it's hard to leave. But they all came with me for now. I forgot so many things but that's what happens when you pout at the end and put off packing until the day you leave.
My first pecan pie, baked for a very special surprise occasion. We spent the long weekend celebrating, which made it even harder to leave.
But the people are incredibly nice here in Albion, and you can see the house where I get to live in the distance, so close to everything else on campus. I haven't even gotten to see much of campus but I will get to it once I feel more set up in the studio.
I already managed to forget my keys this morning so I had to walk back to the house and was very happy to see this bunch of milkweed greeting me on the way! Good friends, good omens.

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  1. the trio of ducks with feathery tails are delightful.


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