Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Time to go again

Found out today that I'll have to leave a day early to teach, so I pushed aside all the work I needed to do today and spent the whole day finishing sewing an apron dress of sorts to wear. I'm very good at avoiding my work. Last night, I stayed up late and finished this wee one—my idea was to swap techniques for my dresses and ducks.
Not sure if I'll do the methylcellulose coating on this one yet. Now I have to face the music: oil change, pack, drive, unpack, teach, pack, drive, unpack, install, drive, unpack and repack, and repeat in all kinds of variations.


  1. .....oooooh ! lovely ~~~

  2. it makes me think of parkas and fishskins and Inuit women all dressed up fancy. which i know is all wrong. but it's fun!

  3. so lovely, like Velma my first thought was Inuit parka.


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