Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The last fortnight home

My Ox-Bow students made lots of paper, almost all of it to be shared (socialist paper à la Frank Brannon!). We had a few good days of sun but the rain also appeared as well as high humidity. We managed, though, even through my sleepless nights worrying about it while laying in damp bedding. I'm not sure how I managed on so little sleep but it was a great group.
JeeYeun, who is doing her MFA at Cranbrook, spent a lot of time at the hanji vat. It was put to good use and everyone was good about beating all the fiber and not complaining.
There was a leftover indigo vat in the meadow so I took my class out to play. JeeYeun already knew more techniques so she had lots of beautiful pieces by the end.
Once she figured out how to make cords, Kim was so speedy with them and with twining. She finished one basket, and then started one with indigo-dyed cords.
Diana is already a piñata artist, and was inspired by my teapot to make her own. I love the indigo stripe detail and the handle wrapped with paper thread, all with paper made in class. She gave some of her paper to a student in the bookbinding class, and this book has covers of that paper.
This student from another class came through to look at our show and tell, enjoying Sarah's excellent amate and bark lace accordions. What else? All my pictures are here.
The print/text class did beautiful work 
The book class churned out SO MANY BOOKS! 
And the painting class was inspired by the well-fed chickens on campus.
Five of us went out in a canoe to get to Lake Michigan for the sunset. I was so grateful to Lyndsi and JeeYeun (both Cranbrook folks) for doing all the steering and paddling!
After 7 straight days of work, I drove an hour east to Kalamazoo to see the book arts center, where I'll teach and exhibit this December.
Then I pushed off to head east again for another hour to hang my new show at Albion College. By then, I was barely standing from lack of sleep and food, so after lunch, I unpacked the show and called Tim and Pati to come help me. Not only was I unloading the show, but leaving my hanji vat and assorted tools for my residency that starts after Labor Day.
Thank goodness!!! They worked so hard with me for four hours and the whole thing was up. Over 70 pieces. It's amazing to be in such good hands and trust people 100% because they are skilled artists and tool people. I got to see their gorgeous home and studios and spend the night peacefully before pushing off for the final haul home. I leave in 20 minutes for a museum papermaking demo, and the rest of the week is full of fun things like car and body maintenance. One more papermaking workshop this weekend, and then I have a week to pack for a semester in Michigan!


  1. ...force of nature, there you are again...
    here's hoping you're well-fed and taken care of this eve !

  2. therese is right. i hope you get some down time.


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