Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Daily pleasures

Yuko's show is up at the Verne Gallery and I highly recommend it!
Her artwork has always been a joy and inspiration, so it's wonderful to see a lot at once.
This is one of my favorites, based off of her late grandmother's dress patterns (she was trained professionally and her book of draft patterns is in the show as well, which is amazing to browse, complete with fabric swatches).
Her grandmother made these tiny dolls out of scraps of paper, and the slightly bowed ruler is made of bamboo.
One of her wonderful wormhole pieces, an enormous amount of work! They also have a fantastic video of her life and process in the show that illuminates so many aspects of what she does.
Down the road I got a berry smoothie for the first time (because I'm still off of bananas, which is okay in summer when there are so many other delicious fruit to eat).
Further down the road, I splurged on a quilt hand sewn from old cotton saris. The night prior, I had been tossing and turning in bed, wondering when I was going to get a summer blanket (I was still wrangling with my huge winter comforter). Some questions are answered quickly.
Spending time with a limited edition catalog of Sandra Brownlee's work. We met in Western Australia and I HAD to have this little book. There is so much to learn from the time and thought and care she put into this.
Therese had recommended this book, which is perfect. So are summer peaches, in my new ceramic bowl from Australia. I have been bulldozed by my workload but am trying to appreciate the little things. I know it may not last, but trying to recall daily some of the peace I felt in the southern hemisphere.

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Velma Bolyard said...

thank you for the peek at yuko's show. i wish i could see it. i love your new summer quilt.