Saturday, March 25, 2017


Home was a whirlwind and getting back threw me into action again, to all the spinning plates. First, I picked up stand prototypes from Stephen, so professional! Love working with people who really know how to fabricate, plus he has made museum mounts for years.
I also needed to use the rest of my copper pieces, so I went back to make the rest of the stands. Glad to have both options. Now I have more stands than ducks, which is great! Means I can now focus on making ducks.
I also needed to get more garments done, and decided to do more hand stitching because people respond so much to that. Here is the piece I spent all day on (lighting poor because it's nighttime by now), and it took a while for me to take a breath and do what I intended: pleat and sew it up into a skirt. Always tempting to leave as is.

So fun in the end! My hands very tired from stitching paper, but I took a day off before starting it again.
Almost done. This is my weekend pleasure, and will eventually get into a larger garment. Less than two weeks before I ship all the art to my next show, so it's time to get stitching.


  1. the hanbok is gorgeous, perfect in every way.

    1. thanks, jean! i am glad it turned out fine in the end.

  2. so beautiful aimee. i have stories for you, and you are stitching stories into garments.


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