Monday, March 06, 2017


The opening went great! Sales went well and people came out in the cold to visit and they affirmed what a lovely community I have here. I gave two talks and was so pleased not only to see my cousin and her friends, but a few of my Oberlin students, who were delighted to see and understand the show on a different level now that they know how to make and dye paper.
I brought these new ones for my talk and then coated them the next day, when I was hugely exhausted.
Yet I couldn't stay idle or even nap, so I made this one as well! Hoping to get one more of these done before I head to NYC to teach this weekend.


one small stitch said...

congratulations, the show looks wonderful. Wish I could see it "in person".

Velma Bolyard said...

you did it! the show looks great! i may like the new little white duck best! i keep saying that, don't i? new york soon already, whew.