Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Next batch

Getting rolling on more art for my next show. This is all milkweed paper inside of the grids, and then the rest is hanji.
This is all made of different scraps and was so delightful to make. It originally started as the front (or back) half of a pair of shorts but I didn't have enough paper to finish it so now it's this.
This was a huge experiment that initially failed and had to be washed and cut up. I think I managed to salvage the pieces, though, and it was my final piece done before midnight.
I tried to work on this last night but my eyes were too tired, so it got shifted to lunchtime and also makes use of scraps that didn't work for a different piece. Today I got to see a ton of water main work (there is a massive hole in the road outside my home) and a bunch of friends I haven't seen for a while—always a wonderful treat!

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