Friday, November 06, 2015

Running behind

I can't believe how much has piled up on my plate these days. It's totally outrageous but mostly because the bulk of it involves serious physical labor that takes hours and days and weeks. Here are the Morganites working on a 10-lb deckle box sheet of cotton for a custom job. There's more to it after the crazy thick paper is made, which involves super absorbent polymer.
I'm so beat that I can't be bothered to rotate this photo. I worked on sample books like a maniac for two days. At least now the Morgan has a replenished supply.
These were two buckets of ashes from Jim Croft (his logo in the center of the lids), burned from slash (conifer) and waiting for a good use. We make jokes about how I have "Jim Croft ashes" in my phone to remind me and that I talk about Jim Croft's ashes. Made me wonder if I should ask to be cremated and then my ash used to cook fiber to make paper. This will probably not happen. Also, my attempt to make lye from these wonderful ashes did not work out as planned from the start, but I will remedy the situation as soon as I get more time.
The kozo leaves have bid farewell for the year! Just in time for next weekend's harvest. This is just a filler post because I can barely see from exhaustion. I've been laboring all day and in a few days will show you the WONDERFULNESS of today's bounty.

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  1. holy moly you are busier than ever. kozo, and milkweed soon.


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