Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Real thanksgiving

I unloaded the drybox yesterday and knew everyone would love their papers. These are Melanie's, now packaged and in the mail to her.
And Kyle's stash! I still can't get over how generous one plant can be. And this isn't even the entire spectrum of possible papers. I don't teach Melissa's scraping to get white fibers technique because we'd all lose our minds, and there isn't enough time. But you can see them regardless, amidst the color.

I worked until past 8pm yesterday, steaming and stripping Amsonia. I only stopped because I would have been the last one and I don't trust my key to unlock the door to leave. I then had what felt exactly like food poisoning but was probably a huge sign from my body to REST, so I'll skip the studio today in favor of bed and fasting.

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