Thursday, November 12, 2015

Ow, our backs

WINDY today, very. Lisa, Kyle, and I all picked kozo today (Lisa worked for the longest, with the worst tweezers. Tools are everything. Everything!). Our pile of gold has been growing, though we're only halfway through. The TV cameraman returned this morning to do a shoot as well.
We knew we were way behind on harvesting, so we ran out in the afternoon to work. This is Lisa's first harvest.
Kyle's, too! There are only 3 loppers anyway. I wish we had sickles—maybe we'll get those for next year. I find it very weird to not be able to hold onto the thing you are cutting down with one hand. I was also pulling weeds as we went. It got so dark that we were mixing up kozo and regular mulberry (not the end of the world). We got very hungry quickly, so Susan was kind enough to order pizza for us before we took down the flapping tent and closed up for the night. Lisa and I went to an art opening as well but I sat in the corner most of the time.

Tomorrow is a monster day. Trimming, steaming, prepping for a visit of college kids from Fredonia + prepping the hanji vat + beating kozo by hand and naginata + hanji pulling + visitor tour + more harvesting + evening event for Charity, Radha, and Kyle to present their artwork + collapse. Whee!


  1. aimee, are you breathing still? whee is right. i love all this autumn activity though. i so wish i was there to lend a hand and make make make. are the felcos to small to cut kozo?

    1. no, not too small, but depends on how big the kozo is! works well to trim.


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