Sunday, August 23, 2015

Paddle away

Charity gave me this tiny pencil topper duck last week! So sweet.
This is the last dahlia duck (the paper thread is helping it sit up). Now I'll start using the indigo paper for the bodies themselves instead of just the bills. I'm hoping to get at least three wee ones. If I'm lucky, I'll squeeze out a fourth, but my stash of those cords are limited. I could dye some more cords at Praxis, but I want to see how this batch turns out first.
Here are the six dahlia-dyed ones plus a stray larger random one of leftover cords (from a batch of vintage washi courtesy of Paper Connection). Guess what else is multiplying? Fall and winter workshops at the Morgan! You can scroll down for the newest offerings here. Mine will be:

Milkweed papermaking in November

Miniature book and slipcase in February

Natural dyes on paper in February

And the rest of my schedule is here. 

I promised myself a weaving break today because I felt something go in my left hand yesterday while working on the last duck. But after rest and arnica, more ducks begin next week!

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  1. i had an interior chuckle when lori was telling the story of her husbands mallard decoy lamp...she finally got rid of it at her daughter's new apartment. i was thinking, i know someone who might like the thing...

    your schedule is daunting. it made me tired just reading it. i'd love to come for your workshops!


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