Friday, August 21, 2015

Delayed reactions

I have been spent lately, in the process of working hard yet sometimes looking back and wondering what I have to show for all of that work. Last week, we cleaned an old bathtub that Tom found and tested it out. It's the perfect size for small hanji making. Now we just need to build a stand and crossbar for it. Then we set up the big vat for the Korean film crew coming to see how hanji is flourishing at the Morgan. We ran a great free event (with pizza! The first time our guests had had American pizza) and everyone got to play at the vat.
After that, I stayed in bed all day last Sunday. This week, I was terrorized by a single huge roach at home, which threw me off entirely. But I did manage to read lots and lots of Korean history while hiding at cafes and the library, host a dinner for friends, and make a duck. After doing this one, I realized that my ducks all turn left!
So I made another one yesterday, to ease the frustration of other demons taking over my life. This one turns right, and now the newest two can be friends. I have to prepare a show in less than two months, plus way too many large applications and some serious writing, so there is some serious discipline I need to implement ... as soon as I finish the next duck!


  1. oh, love ducks! perfect.

  2. ah, that little pair are perfect. i like the little vat, too.


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