Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A paddling is growing

I made the Sunday paper this past weekend! Thanks to Cleveland's Plain Dealer.
More of Gus Chan's great photography. The hanji vat will be up and running this Saturday as well. If you're in Cleveland, come by for a special free event from 10am-4pm at the Morgan! A Korean film crew will be shooting footage of me teaching Americans to make hanji.
Melissa taught the most heavenly porch kozo class yesterday afternoon. Perfect weather, nice breeze, the best company (Pam and Yuko), good food, cookies, and some ducks. I wanted them to see the ones I had at home.
The first tiny one was disappointing to me in proportion, so I started a new one immediately. I stayed up until 2am on Monday night because of the weaving (and also to weave out frustrations about non-joyful things in my life).
The new one is better proportioned. Both have dahlia-dyed bodies. They fit in my hands and I am pleased. A new Japanese kozo duck began yesterday on the porch, and a new mini paper duck began last night at home. I still have lots to learn but it's going faster (well, now that they're smaller!).


  1. a paddling of ducks. love love love the dahlia dyed indigo heads. my nephew is a birder...i'll lay that one on him: dahlia dyed indigo head duck. hmmm...

  2. therese10:32 AM

    gorgeous photo spread in the paper !!!!


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