Monday, June 09, 2014

So long

Paper sculpture from the final show and tell before everyone scattered back out into the world.
Mason has gotten really into excavators this trip. I'm glad he got some of his own work done.
Our little bit of real estate in the show and tell. I tried to shoot everything else but it was all moving so quickly that I only got a few things in focus.
I think this was the showstopper: Patricia's incredible prints. She is a force of nature and a remarkable artist. She bought Morgan hanji and made some lovely prints (not these). I especially love how she made the bottom series with two different wood blocks moving from left to right and right to left.
Couldn't tear myself away!
Madison worked so hard getting the hang of both a flat weave and a circular base with the jiseung techniques.
Not that you can tell with this lighting, but they are all ceramic owls!
Cori, the assistant in the printmaking class, also did some lovely prints (the pink ones) onto Morgan hanji!
The metals classes made some lovely samples and jewelry.
I'm bummed I was so busy and sick that I couldn't visit the powder printing glass class, but at least I got to see some finished pieces.
More paper sculpture from Liz's class!
The photo class was team taught so that it involved writing as well as images.
Very playful wood.
Embroidered paper.
More wood!
And more shots from Kristen's printmaking class. She did a lovely print onto Morgan hanji that I can't wait to unpack the proof of when I get back to the Morgan tomorrow (if my health allows it). We made good time back, though I think my car needs new brakes (eek). Now it's time for Penland withdrawal while being flung back into work. Two more weeks, and then back on the road for the next class!


  1. wow! what a collection of goodies... I love that large print on the wall --- delish!

  2. Owls!!! My In-law's home was filled with owls. Something about prosperity or wealth I was told. Hope you feel better. Come hang out before your next road trip...and seed the thousands of baby indigos!

  3. lovely. get some REST my dear!

  4. Anonymous9:59 AM

    a feast for the eyes and imagination. get well.


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