Tuesday, June 17, 2014

First melted day

It's always a treat to have Julie in town. She was showing her kimono, on loan from its new owner, to my apprentices, explaining bits of how she made it. Genius new body of work.
Milkweed is back, strong and hardy and huge as ever!! Makes me very happy in anticipation of the fall harvest.
The indigo did not sprout as well as our tororo, but we still have some. Now, just a matter of where in the world we will transplant them.
The dahlias are sooooo gorgeous and make me happy every time I see the pops of color.
The marigolds are so easy and happy; so plentiful.
Not the best proportions, but the duck is done! I finished the kakishibu coats today and packed it to ship out to NYC along with my gourds for my photographer to shoot. My new computer also arrived today, and it's going to take forEVER to learn my way around it and get it and my life synced. In the meantime, the real summer has started to hit and I have been sweating all day, ew. Lemon water started in glass pitcher in the fridge, which is drastic for me (I usually only drink room temperature water). I need to figure out where to place window units in the new home + must buy fans, but it all seems so hard to do when I'm also sorting out how to run the Asian papermaking in a full-throttle summer Morgan season in between out-of-town teaching gigs.

I have to remember to breathe.

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Anonymous said...

love the duck, do we get to see it with it's kakishibu coating?