Thursday, June 05, 2014

By a paper thread

Cynthia Bringle's work in her gallery. I'm taking three of her pieces home with me.
Toilet paper coming out of a jiseung basket! Going into the auction tonight.
Mason has gotten into bulldozers since arriving to work in a studio across from a construction site.
Jessica took to the grass slippers part of the basketry book.
My duck has been watching the whole time.
Jessica moved to the floor to do the sole weaving (all with kraft paper).
Pellons in their final drying stages; yesterday was our final wet pulling morning.
Lots of these, and grateful for the storm holding off so we could dry for longer.
Dana's lovely sample book ...

Jessica's frog! She has had a lot of fun and I have had even more watching things come to life in her hands.

Richard's little menagerie that he gifted to me, all made of paper he made in class! We've had blood, sweat, and tears, but in the end I hope it was worth it. I've come down with some miserable something or other in my throat and sinuses, so I've had to skip out here and there to lay down, but looking forward to tonight's auction.

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  1. love it all, the toilet paper basket is a laugh!


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