Sunday, March 23, 2014

Too much sweet

I have gotten horrifically lazy and have resorted to not cooking all of my food from scratch. Unfortunately, most prepared food has way too much sodium and sweeteners, and then I feel icky. Last Friday, I went with a friend to an event for the upcoming Gay Games, and WHOA lots of food. I'm still in catch-up mode but got some free time over the weekend to have a nice leisurely dinner with Tony and get an itty bitty tour of the west side, look at a few apts because I have to move again in about a month, and run a thousand errands in a grand attempt to avoid sitting on my butt work.

Which makes this post by Charity, one of my wonderful apprentices, so apt. Note in the wood shop picture that Tom is smart enough to wear a shirt as smock, but not me (hooded), so now my coat is free of gasoline but has waterproof wood glue stains. I'm hopeless!

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