Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Baby tororo!

I know that this is a terrible, out-of-focus picture. I'll get better ones tomorrow. But after at least 24 hours of self-doubt and frustration, I got the best news today from Charity upon arrival: she was watering the tororo and saw some sprouts! Suddenly, all the stress went away and it was replaced with sheer joy. Babies! It's amazing to feel a part of something bigger, of other people all over the place doing the same thing, like Susan in Colorado.

Speaking of nurturing babies, if you know of anyone interested in being an intern at the Morgan, applications are due April 18!


  1. The sprouts! In some ways it's the most mundane thing ever but it's also pure, absolute magic, every year. Ray Hoo!

  2. and double ray hoo, especially after all our discussions!!! and it's really neat to read of two places, two gardens, both i have been in and around and have harvested plants for hortus siccus from. (oh, you know what i mean!)

  3. Anonymous8:04 AM

    How will the tororo be used? Sounds interesting!


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