Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Reframing the end

Somehow, all sewed up! I have one more book in sheets and enough shifu to do a second, but want to think about it before I dive in (mostly because the embroidering is such a headache). I realized this morning why I've been feeling like I've been filling up slowly with lead: this is the time of year not just to go inside, but to tie up loose ends, finish up lingering and malingering work, and prepare for the longer days to come. I kept thinking I was supposed to do new, groundbreaking stuff. That conflict between my mind's misunderstanding and everything else going against is now finally explained.
In light of my discovery, I went through at least three bins of books, samples, teaching tools, and so on, trying to re-organize and purge. Also, I have a lecture to present on Friday at ICP, so I had to pull book samples. I'll leave filing for next week, as well as drawings of a Korean mould, a task I have somehow avoided for well over two years. If I'm lucky, I'll get a section of my website done to feature my book before I devote the rest of my week to friends, open studios, family, meals, movies, and social activity that will keep the lead from sinking.

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  1. this is a brilliant solution to covering with shifu! it is exactly right. i was wondering how you'd pull it off, and it's so much better than i could ever imagine! really perfect! i think i have leadness, too.


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