Saturday, December 29, 2012


For many months (and maybe even for a few years), I had tried to figure this out from a picture from a book of the unfolded sheet, decorated. I thought I had figured it out, once I folded it back together with the design intact. But I had it wrong! It's a strange route, going from seeing Korean sewing kits in Jeonju to Chinese ones in Brooklyn to cutting and folding and copying from a book that doesn't lay flat when open to hastily browsing booths in Silver Spring and finding a sample by a New Hampshirite who learned from a brilliant German who figured it out from the Chinese sewing kit.

Now I can finally put away the tiny square I had originally folded and left out with my supplies (and even took with me to Santa Fe to try and do it over), because I can make it! Tiny victories.


  1. Ok - I admit it - I've spent the last 30mins folding a square of paper and trying to figure out how to make it go into that ^^^^ to no avail! BUT from that frustrating exercise I've actually found a way forward for a rather different piece of work (bonus!) --- not that it looks ANYTHING like a secret chinese/korean/origami/sewing kit whatsit! (ps - I'm still trying to figure out how that whatsit works!)

  2. aimee, i love mine...and i love how you drew wonderful patterns which totally play with the concept. i love your tenacity and now you KNOW it. yay! now i suppose i should get out the exemplar and learn it myself!

  3. onesmallstitch12:06 PM

    marvelous, I've been folding and unfolding the note you sent me, trying to figure it out. your pattern makes it all the more intriguing


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