Monday, December 31, 2012

Coloring gratitude

Thank-you kits! Hopefully the recipients will realize that the actual note is way inside of each. Once I write them. In Korean. This is the more enjoyable part of getting published, making things with pencil and paper in my hands, rather than staring at pixels and asking complete strangers to buy my book.
[Inserts on top.] I haven't made envelopes yet, and it's entirely possible that I will need to make more of these, but at least I'll enter the new year with a few things ready. Thanks for reading and enjoy the final bits of 2012! Looking forward to what comes.


Velma Bolyard said...

a dozen marvelous surprises!

ronnie said...

happy new year! (its tomorrow already here - and I must say 2013 is looking mighty fine out there...)

onesmallstitch said...

what a marvelous "thank you"