Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dashing through states

Work, work, work. I got to test three different types of washi at Paper Connection to see which worked best as hanji substitutes for jiseung. SO NICE to have time to do this. Grateful for a wonderful post by Susan, who took my Boston class. Also for an article on me and the book.
Lauren said that this plant waited for me to flower! Such a sweet greeting. I had a great time in Providence and can't even remember all that I did since my last post, but my talk last night went well, I got to see an old friend from Korea days (she is even in one of the pictures of my book, guess where, in Chapter Two), and the bus to NYC was uneventful. Tomorrow, I climb onto yet another bus and head down to Johns Hopkins, then D.C., so I can get ready for the Pyramid Atlantic Book Arts Fair in Silver Spring. I wish I could say it's going so fast I don't feel the exhaustion, but that's not true! The good news is that in my frantic unpacking/repacking this afternoon, I promised myself that I'd make some art in December. I don't make promises lightly.


  1. remember to b-r-e-a-t-h-e my friend. looks terrific. of course your book will be wildly popular and rightly so.
    i saw some of shanna leino's stuff for pyramid and that looked really good, too.

  2. onesmallstitch3:52 PM

    take care of yourself, Aimee. Do you wake up in the morning and wonder where you are??


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