Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It keeps unraveling

This morning, ALL of us were wrecked from staying up too late working. Though I wish I was in the studio working like all of my students, rather than fighting with Powerpoint. This morning, everyone had to bring in two books telling the same story. One with text, one without. This version of the former is by Emily, who did a fantastic job not only with this book but with the story, an updated version of Red Riding Hood.

I couldn't help but include the punchline of Derek's. He told me over lunch about the school where he teaches and I was fascinated by how the curriculum and policies work. I always forget that education is a constantly evolving animal.

Beth's flag book was excellent and timely. Her other book was grand, solid, and so well crafted. It's such a treat to have students who already have book arts experience under their belt. I always worry I have nothing to offer, but I was the one who told her that the great thing in this field is that because it is still so young, most people teaching it have cobbled together their understanding and experience of it in completely different ways.

Ann tackled one of the hardest structures, a choose-your-own-adventure one. She literally can now fold it with her eyes closed. You can tell also the influence of her recent paper cutting class with Beatrice. Though I assigned the next book today, everyone gets a respite of a day b/c it's not due for two days. I know it's a lot to ask for three books in the first 36 hours of class, but I guess I like to break people in early. However, I did feel for all the tired faces at crit this morning. But everyone is doing great. There has been drama, of course: one student out, another leaving b/c of an emergency, and yet another stung by a bee in the middle of my lecture tonight! The last one upsets me most viscerally because her dominant hand was stung so what will her books look like? I ran back to get her some of my Benadryl stash. I really hope that tomorrow morning when I get to the classroom, things will all have calmed down.


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    1. try again, velma, when i look at what your students have accomplished, i say (in australian) good on you!

  2. i got it the first time, but you are sweet to say so regardless! :)

  3. Yay! These are great to see! It looks like it's going fantastically well. I think that intense overworking is just typical of summer classes: so so so much packed in to such a short time; it's just how it works, yes?
    It's what I expect when I teach and also when I take a class..no pressure for next weekend, though ^^.
    (Bleah! to PowerPoint)

  4. this assignment looks fantastic!


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