Monday, July 02, 2012

Final and first day

[Me and Vagner at Ghost Ranch almost a month ago, the day before I fell off my bike, when I took walking for granted but not burgeoning friendships!] I had a hard time sleeping last night, from being too hot in my room to being too sad about everyone leaving all over again and other related thoughts. When I got up in the morning, I still felt bummed but did a grocery run after I saw that Chris and Carmie were going to take a day trip to Tesuque flea market and Ojo Caliente, which would also serve as a final farewell to Vagner, who was going with his friend to Ojo as their first night on a weeklong drive back to Detroit. I packed my bags to join them, and though I was afraid I'd be fried alive in sun and heat, it turned out to be a lovely day. I got to soak in arsenic, iron, and soda baths, do a mud bath, try both the steam room and dry sauna, and even made some hanji cords in a recliner. I read a bit and dozed a bit in a hammock, too. We had a scrumptious dinner on site and then walked out into a beautiful almost-full moon and path lights and lingered before I went in for a big hug with Vagner. It's good that it was dark because I was teary, but I'm glad we got to say goodbye after a day of relaxing together and NOT on residency grounds. Tomorrow morning I'll have to do that all over again when Rita leaves (and I'm sad I didn't get to hang out at all with her today, her last day! But I needed the outing). My edited manuscript arrived today, so it looks like my days of unfettered studio time are over! Hello, July.

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  1. Hooray for a day out relaxing; sorry about goodbyes (wish Rita well from me?).
    I met the folks in my class last night and one of them is taking your Morgan class along with me!


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