Wednesday, February 08, 2012

A turtle, it seems

I am three artists away from getting most of the major edits added into this fourth edit of my manuscript. Then I can scan it in its entirety to see how the new version hangs together. THEN I can choose photos and placement. THEN I will be where I thought I was going to be a month ago. I feel like I work and I work and I've traveled an inch.

But in the meantime I have been able to see friends (in person!) and will get to do more of the same at the end of the week. It's hard to tear myself away from the computer because I feel so behind, but it feels solid. It's not as flimsy of a book as I feared. Meanwhile, a new friend shared this with me, which I think is fantastic. Feel free to contact her with any suggestions for her work.

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TK said...

The work that you linked to reminds me of the river we walked on in Seoul.