Wednesday, February 22, 2012


My body must have been adamant that I stay on course, because I have fallen back into my time zone and it was almost instant. In Berlin, I would wake up at 1:30am and not sleep for six hours and be miserable because I couldn't do any work.

When I visited the Pergamon, conflicted about the massive excavations taken to Germany, I realized that though I certainly appreciate architecture and grandiosity, I am decidedly attracted to things on a much smaller scale. I like to make those things, too, even though some people would prefer that I work larger. But I can't get over the details. I love tiny details.

Last night, I talked with my fourth reader for my book, and already, she has identified enormous blind spots in my writing, view, research, all of it. I am so grateful for her feedback and candid comments, but it scares me because that means there is another giant overhaul looming. The other struggle being that I came home and all I wanted to do was MAKE stuff. But I have to get back to the book. But I feel so crazy if I can't do just a few things. Please? SO. This morning I tried to sweat it off, when I found something on the ground, waiting for me on the path to the gym. It was a pinned batch of dyed hanji that I thought was lost forever, as of weeks ago. !!! I am still grieving for several LARGE sheets of the same that flew away while I was gone. But that these tiny ones came back to me, what a sign. Laid on top of a beautiful sample of paper from Lisa Harkins, one of my students from last year (flax + kon'nyaku + indigo + kakishibu = yumyumgorgeous).

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  1. beyoutiful indeed! huge blind spots? oh, no!


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