Friday, February 24, 2012

Muddle puddle

[Brandenburg Gate] I wonder what it would be like to live up that high. And to be green.

Even though my sister's film was called "Una Noche," I kept forgetting that while watching. Because SO MUCH can happen in one night, or one day.

My mother loved this piece in the Pergamon. The amount of goodies in there was staggering. It was the first time I wandered around a museum and wondered what all of these artifacts did at night when no one is around.

Keeps growing! Today is rainy, a big contrast to yesterday. I spent time yesterday corresponding in Korean, which always means brain gymnastics. But getting immediate responses from those I really enjoyed meeting and working with was worth all the spelling and grammar checking. In 2009, I insisted that I could never exchange emails with Korean professors. Now it's no big deal. I take it for granted that I can touch type in Korean, but when I think about it, it's a small miracle of my circuitry. It's a relief to know we can continue to learn new things, at any age.

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