Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Early stages of attachment

[These old stories again, from 2004. They've had about three lives so far, and I'm pondering the fourth now.] You know how you get to the point in a relationship where you start to leave a toothbrush? I left my boots in Cleveland. AND my hanji screen. That's a lot of trust, but it makes sense to me. I can't make hanji anywhere but the Morgan, and hopefully the boots don't walk.

I'm not taking it personally that it rained almost my entire two weeks in Ohio and the sun came out just as I left. The weather doesn't care about me. I slept in and managed to get back into the physical self-care routine I had created for myself, and was relieved that I hadn't really lost any strength. Though it's hard to imagine I could have, after so much big papermaking. I wish there was some kind of exercise that prepares you for that kind of physical exertion, but the only thing I can imagine that would come close is farming. Now I am back to the usual mental and administrative exertion that happens as I park my ass in front of the computer. With a pause here and there to snail mail love out into the world.

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