Monday, October 17, 2011

Drawing straight lines

Terttu shot this. Isn't she the best? She got all five family members in the shot, even though the men were outside during the singing and candle wishing. A walk to the river, friends and family, cake, potato chips, lobster, tea, wine, apples, berries, Korean food, reading, journaling, a library trip, noticing a big milkweed patch, spotting tame wild animals, deer and wild strawberry sightings, sifting through old photo albums, drawing, a fave TV show, a nap, yoga, meditation, whew! I never thought it was possible to get that many Things I Like done/eaten in one day, so yesterday was pretty special.

But now it's Monday, and after leftover bday cake for breakfast (and b/t bfast-lunch, and after lunch), I had to get to work. I watched "The Snowman" and did some preliminary sketches for my woodblock class, which was pleasant enough. But then I started my attempts at mechanical drawing, except not really, since I refuse to do them to scale. I used to be really good at this, in middle school, but I don't have any of the right tools now. I spent all day on ONE drawing and have this fear that after doing all of them, the editor who requested drawings and work plans (we had no work plans last year in Cleveland; we made it up as we went along) will reject them. But I like to think it's good for me to draw these all, anyway.


  1. love terttu's photo! i did mechanical drawing (that's what they called it) in 7th grade. i loved it, such a different way to draw. looks pretty accurate to me, and i think making it up is what it's all about.

  2. Happy happy again; maybe we can celebrate over the weekend?
    The drawing looks fine. And I am remembering a very large work plan, stuck on the office refrigerator!


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