Sunday, May 22, 2011

Swing back to center or thereabouts

I didn't realize until well into my second day at the Morgan that they had indeed printed a banner for the hanji studio.

Margaret and Cameron with bricks and monofilament. This job is SO much easier when other ready hands do it for you!

Thick old Thai kozo. Very helpful for class, even though it took at least five hours to cook to this state.

A wee wall. Things are calming down after they came to a head on Friday. I'm trying to make the space workable. Yesterday was an outing to Syracuse, though I find it sad that getting away from nicotine interiors means spending time inside of cars and malls and other artificial environments. I'm taking apart my old kozo halter from 2006. It took a long time to finally throw in the towel. It will provide lots of paper yarn for the next project. I have assigned myself two books, packed for NYC next weekend to some extent, and am determined to get back to working health rather than panic / depression / despair mode. The hand work will help.


  1. handwork always helps. no more despair.

  2. and so great about the sign for the hanji studio!


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