Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Final class!

I felt like it was forever in coming but then suddenly pounced on me. Even on my way to school today I didn't know if it was real that today would be the last day I'd teach this group of women and see them together and talk with my TA and so on. The final projects are in a box lined with newsprint, in a laundry hamper, in the living room, awaiting grading. There is a LOT to get through, and I am so pleased with the growth that I've seen over the semester. They've gotten quite skilled in critique, too, which is so gratifying, b/c that was a top top goal for me from the moment I was hired: learning how to participate in engaged and positive feedback. I hardly needed to talk b/c they are picking up on seeing things they never would have noticed a few months back, and articulating questions, opinions, and suggestions with ease.

We did half of the session, and then had a break. I noticed that no one wanted to come back into the classroom from the courtyard, so I moved the rest of the crit to the lawn and we were able to have a final circle together. I was only sorry to have been so scattered and taking care of random things to have missed farewells and hugs, but got some good ones. Of the students who will return next year, at least half will go on to take more book art classes! Yay. And this picture? I didn't take it, nor did I so carefully arrange all of the final projects for me to pack up and take home. I have some great students!

My roommate was kind enough to pick me up from school since I cleaned out my office in preparation for complicated shipping detail. There are three groups: one that flies with me, one that ships to downstate NY, and one that ships to upstate NY (all groups will scatter further upon arrival). This will take much longer than I expected, but I won't deal with it (or grades) until tomorrow. Especially after a lovely final roommate dinner on the Berkeley Marina just in time to see the sun set.

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mjc said...

Congrats to you and the class. Those are some interesting-looking projects, and I am very happy to read about the developed critique skills. Brava!