Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mission accomplished!

FINALLY. I bit the bullet today and printed on my huge knit piece, and it turned out okay! Whew. It was the perfect day to do it: the studio was nearly empty so I could hog a press and engage in all sorts of activity normally not seen in an etching studio. Sally, the head of the scholarship committee, was there, which was great b/c she's been incredibly supportive from the very beginning, and I really like working there when she's in. Today she taught me a tip about getting ink off my hands: rub down with veggie oil! Gross, but it does the trick AND moisturizes. I know this is something that probably every printmaker and person w/common sense in the world knows, but it was my "you learn something new every day" item.

Other items of note:
1. In the studio, I heard someone ask Sally, "do you know about paper grain?" and I jumped into action: "I DO!!" I ran to wash my hands (the wrong way, w/soap and a nailbrush - this was before I learned the oil trick) and then helped Lou figure out the grain on his paper. I bet that's how doctors feel when someone yells, "is there a doctor in the house?!" It's the first time I felt like I had specialized knowledge that was really useful to someone else in a time of need. Wohoo!

2. I had another amaza-yoga class w/Naz. Love her.

3. While killing time between the print studio and yoga studio, I pored thru travel books on Korea. On my way out, I walked past a card display and suddenly halted and turned around, b/c I had glimpsed "BITTER WITH BAGGAGE SEEKS SAME" out of the corner of my eye. LO! Sloane Tanen's chicks on notecards. I had to buy them. Why? B/c they're hilarious and smart, and b/c Stefan, my photog extraordinaire, is the photog for the chicks! I remember when they were in the subway cars years ago. I hadn't realized the breadth and depth of Sloane's oeuvre so I was joyful to finally start browsing.

4. I am slated to give an artist talk on Saturday, May 17 at 6pm at the Manhattan Graphics Center. Come! Ellie, the other scholarship student, and I will be talking about our work and there will be refreshments. More info on that once I figure out what I'll be showing (I'll be bringing work that I've printed over the last three months).


  1. Congrs! my Aimee! all that work done!
    and l have two wishes: to have a better look of the print, and to see the whole you in the photo! no censorship!

    a big kiss for a breat day

  2. l really hate that "word verification"


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