Thursday, April 24, 2008

"I never understood at all"

Jens Lekman has been on the brain a lot lately. Today was a surprisingly positive and productive day at work. I will hopefully get to work a day in the papermill soon on a project for identidades.04. And I finished sewing up the big book tonight! So I'll deliver it tomorrow. Then, just one wedding poster, one big long knit print, and I will feel really good once May rolls around. And, I got my new passport today in the mail already! How speedy.


  1. I got my new passport today as well; amazingly quick. The photo (taken at and by the post office) is hilarious and painful.

  2. oh, tell me about it. my photo looks like i just got off the boat. the whole bad scan of a bad photo w/really weird color balance compounds the awfulness of it.

    but it's still SO much better than the dreadful photo i had for the last ten years. then again, i'm afraid that people checking my passport won't even believe that it's me in the photo and then i'll just be detained more. sigh.


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